Mexican San Andres (aged for 3 years)


Nicaraguan Viso Jalapa (aged for 3 years)


Mexican San Andres (aged for 3 years)
Nicaraguan Viso Jalapa (aged for 3 years)
Honduran Broadleaf (aged for 2 years) 

BDX succinctly encapsulates the essence of Bordeaux, the iconic French wine-growing region, serving as a nod to my sommelier background.

Centered around a rare and freshly cultivated tobacco, the Honduran Broadleaf nurtured by the esteemed Plasencia family takes center stage in this blend, its unique character adding an extra layer of distinction.

Delight your senses with a harmonious medley of flavors, including rich dark chocolate, velvety milk chocolate, and an enticing assortment of nuts featuring walnuts, cashews, and almonds. 

This symphony is elegantly complemented by earthy undertones, succulent plums and raisins, and a subtle note of white pepper, culminating in a clean and complex medium-bodied profile that promises a truly refined experience.

Rioja Blend


Dominican Corojo (aged for 4 years, from 2019)


Sumatra (aged for 3 years)


Dominican Criollo 99 (aged for 4 years, from 2019)
Dominican Havana 2020 (aged for 3 years, from 2020)
Dominican Criollo 98 (aged for 3 years, from 2020)
Dominican Undisclosed (aged for 4 years, from 2019)

Skillfully crafted at Eladio Diaz’ renowned Tabacelera Diaz Cabrera in the Dominican Republic, the Rioja blend draws inspiration from the illustrious Spanish wine region of Rioja (pronounced ree·ow·huh) and its celebrated Gran Reserva wines—a testament to the last, great, exceptional value in the world of wine.

The flavor profile of this exceptional cigar seamlessly weaves together notes of milk chocolate, creamy richness, oak, cedar, baking spice, and a subtle hint of white pepper on the retrohale with a medium-full body.

Throughout the cigar’s journey, three distinct and captivating profile changes unfold, weaving a tapestry of elegance, finesse, and formidable power, delivering an unforgettable experience.

Available 5×54 Robusto, 6×52 Toro formats, offered in 10 count boxes.

BDX Blanc blend


Connecticut (aged for 3 years, from 2020)


Habano (aged for 3 years, from 2020)


Seco Esteli (aged for 3 years, from 2020)
Viso Esteli (aged for 3 years, from 2020)
Seco Jamastran (aged for 3 years, from 2020)
Dominican Piloto Cubano (aged for 3 years, from 2020)

Indulge in the exquisite notes of cream, vanilla, cedar, and milk chocolate, creating an unparalleled smoothness. The infusion of assorted nuts, including walnuts, almonds, and peanuts, elevates the complexity, while the cigar’s light to medium body makes it an ideal choice for any occasion.

This cigar, harkening back to France and its renowned Bordeaux region, pays homage to the exceptional white wines of Bordeaux, a realm of greatness and rarity known as White Bordeaux or Bordeaux Blanc.

Embodying the essence of those illustrious wines, the profile showcases a symphony of roasted nuts, notably almonds and walnuts, enveloped in a luxurious creaminess. The cigar boasts exceptional finesse, elegance, and a commanding presence on the palate, delivering an extraordinary experience meant to be savored daily.

An exceptional cigar with a light to medium body and incredible complexity.

Premier Cru - Limited Edition


Bonao Kelner Family Reserve (from 1997)


Monteplata Kelner Family Farm (from 2007)


San Vicente (from 2017)
Peruvian Pelo d’oro (from 2017)
BVS African Hybrid (from 2017)

Cold Draw – Cedar, cream, vanilla, oak, light notes of grass and spice

1st Third – Beautifully rich milk and dark chocolate on the front palate, followed by cedar, oak, and on the finish, a light touch of spice – white, black, and floral red pepper. A note of pencil shavings/graphite reminiscent of a well-aged and mature Bordeaux.

Half an inch in, the spice comes to the front with white and light black pepper, a mid-palate of cedar, and the chocolate goes away. The floral red pepper note is replaced by dried flowers – violets and roses/potpourri.

Shortly after, the finish gains another note of tart Granny Smith apples, making the mouth water and yearn for another satisfying moment of attentive appreciation.

An inch in the profile continuously shifts with spice still up front, graphite and pencil shavings on the mid-palate, and a sweet but slightly dry cedar on the finish. The tartness still makes your palate crave another flavorful puff of sublime, silky-smooth smoke.

Halfway into the 2nd inch, the spice is now joined with the light sweetness of milk chocolate again, along with dark cacao truffles on the mid-palate. The cedar and graphite/pencil shavings have now moved to the finish, and the apple-like tartness now permeates the profile from the mid-palate on. Silky smooth with plenty of flavor and refined, elegant power, the cigar reminds of a high-quality, well-aged Right Bank Merlot from one of the top estates.

To call it an iron fist in a velvet glove captures the experience of the first third perfectly.
It is uncompromisingly decisive, clean, and unyielding, while gentle and refined on the palate.

2nd Third – Spice fades away and is now replaced by graphite pencil shavings on the front palate, along with dried apples or quince. Mid palate is now peanuts, almonds, and brazil nuts, with a finish of light black pepper.

Half an inch in, pepper is back on the front palate, primarily black pepper, midpalate is white pepper, and the finish is cedar, pencil shavings, and graphite.

Halfway through the 2nd third, the profile experiences another distinct change – dark chocolate on the front palate, with a mid-palate of black and white pepper and a finish of mahogany, cedar , and black pepper. The body moves to medium-full, with flavor still at full.

Last Third Milk chocolate on the front palate, spice on the mid-palate, and a finish of graphite/pencil shavings.

The sweetness of the 5 year-aged Peruvian Pelo d’oro, one of the most expensive tobaccos in the world, now truly shines, revealing a myriad of rich, sweet flavors – vanilla, cedar, oak, brown sugar, and honey.
The body is a solid medium-full, with the interplay of milk and dark chocolate pairing perfectly with the spice on the mid-palate, with a finish of cedar/oak/graphite/pencil shavings.

The cigar ends with a velvet-like profile of dark chocolate, spice, cedar, oak, and pencil shavings.

Limited production of 3000 cigars containing over 50 years of aged tobacco, rolled in June of 2022, presented in elegant boxes of five.
Each box is individually numbered and carries the Kelner Boutique Factory stamp along with the signature of Hendrik Kelner Jr.

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